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All 3 of our principals are authorised representatives under our limited AFS license and are therefore able to advise on all aspects of Superannuation including:


  • The advantages and disadvantages of establishing an SMSF.

  • Formation of SMSF's and associated income tax registrations.

  • Advice in relation to Transition to Retirement pensions and full pensions.

  • Auditing the SMSF by a seperate and independent Principal within the practice.

  • Preparation of annual financial statements and member accounts.

  • Preparation of an annual income tax return and arranging for the actuarial certificates as required.

  • Drafting pro forma minutes, pension commencement documentation, investment strategy and documents to appoint or remove a member.

  • Attending to the corporate secretarial requirements of the fund's trustee, if it is a company.

  • Preparing rollover and member contribution notices.

  • Tax advice generally regarding SMSFs.


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